Hair Styling

Classic & Contemporary Styling with Wash & Blow Dry Treatments Price
The Buzz Cut & Fade Fade Hairstyles are becoming extremely popular amongst men lately. The fade haircut is one that is usually accompanied on haircuts that are shorter in length and well use of razor.  £10
The Gent (Dry Cut) Classic Dry cut for the Gentleman. Done using the scisoors over the comb. This hand art tenchique gets the best result for the hair style to be more traditional and classic.

 10am-5pm: from £12

5pm-9pm: £15

The Gent (Wash, Cut & Finish) Classic cut as above, which includes wash and massage services with conditioner and hot towel.  £18
Student Cut Classic hair style achieved for juniors with scissors over comb. £13.50 (£9.00 Mon-Thu, 9am-4pm)
Student Wash, Cut & Finish Class junior cut as above which includes wash and massage services with conditioner and hot towel. £15.00
The Head Shave It is performed with open razor and the products we use will leave your skin soft, smooth and fully moisturised every time.. £15.00
Eyebrow Threading From £7.00
Lady's Hair Cut From £19.00

Ladies Special We are specialist for patches treatment


All cuts include the removal of excess facial hair where needed (nose, eyebrows and ears).


Details Price
The Gentleman (Over 65’s) For the seniors a classic dry cut performed with scissors over comb to achieve the traditional style. Mon-Thu: from £10, Fri-Sun: from £12
The Gentleman (Over 65’s) including a wash A Classic dry cut as above which includes wash and massage services with conditioner and hot towel. £15.00
The Youngster (Fashion & Retro Cuts under 12) Designer hair cuts with the Retro Style for the young.
Mon-Thu: from £10, Fri-Sun: from £12


Hair Treatments

Shampoo, Conditioning & Scalp Massage (Using quality hair & care products) Price
Colouring at Head Barbers Want to change the colour of your hair or highlight it , you are are correct place. We assure you of achieving the best results by using quality professional products. Which will be carried out by our professional team. From £20.00

Note : All the hair treatment products used at Head Barbers are professional.

Beard Styling & Hot Towels

Facial Treatments from Head Barbers (with hot towel) Price
Beard trim We clean, prepare and trim your beard. As a well-trimmed, well-styled beard can be great additional to your personal look. £7.50
Beard Trim with Cut Throat Finish Once the beard is done, we do the deep cleansing to the throat with scented hot towel. £10.00

The Royal Beard If you have ever grown a beard or moustache or considering growing it, then Head Barbers are here to help you keep or grow that full beard, goatee, moustache and stubble while still maintaining a highly groomed appearance. Clipper and sciccors are being used to achieve the perfection. Your beard is trimmed,styled and well taken care with massage, hot steam, Proraso beard balm treatment  and 3 hot towels.


Hot Towel Shaves

Hot Towel Treatments Price
The Classic Hot Towel Shave A classic hot towel shave from Head Barbers which includes two hot cologne scented towels. Hot lathers of Proraso’s menthol & eucalyptus shave cream is used nicely to get the best results.Open razor shave is performed from our professional barbers with the scented cologne to finish with. £15
The Deluxe Hot Towel Shave with steam and mask It includes the Classic Hot Towel Shave as above. Mask is applied gently to smoothen the skin and heavy steam is passed during to face the sweat the open the pores of the skin. 3 scented hot towels are used along with the plenty and special care.  £20
The French Facial French facial products are used to give a deep cleansing, relaxing facial to exfoliate and detoxify whilst improving circulation and skin tone. Your skin is prepared with the initial facial mask along with plenty of steam. A second layer of facial is applied soon after long with scalp massage. The whole process includes five  hot scented towels and plenty of steam. This entire package takes 25 mins. £35

Head Barbers Signature Packages

The Head Barbers Signature Treatments Price
The Signature Deluxe This is the full package from Head Barbers which includes  Gents Dry Cut , Wash & Massage which is shortly followed by the hot scented towel shave  with plenty of steam. £35
The French Signature This is the full package from Head Barbers which has the perfect combination of style and skin nurture. Starting from the Classic Wash Cut, Hot Towel Shave with plenty of steam and the French Facial to assure you the best which is our guarantee. £55

Head Barbers Wedding Packages

The Head Barbers Wedding Packages Price
Wedding Package This is the special wedding package from Head Barbers which includes: Gents Wash Cut, Blow Dry & Style, Hot Towel Shave, Beard Treatment, Eyebrow Threading and California Deluxe Facial for 40 mins. £75

Head Barbers Gift Vouchers

The Head Barbers Gift Vouchers Price
Diamond Voucher £250.00
Golden Voucher £200.00
Premium Voucher £75.00
Deluxe Voucher £50.00
Standard Voucher £20.00

Head Barbers Products

Products Price
American Crew Wax (85g)Available Types: Fiber, Forming Cream, Molding Clay, Defining Paste, Pomade £14.00
American Crew Shampoo & Conditioner (250 Ml) Available Types: Daily Moisturising Shampoo, Anti Dandruff & Sebum Control Shampoo, Power Cleanser Style Remover, American Crew Daily Shampoo, American Crew Daily Conditioner £13.50
American Crew Hair Recovery Foam £37.00
Baxtor Clay Pomade, California £21.00
Tuffene Triple Nano Anti-Hair Loss Treatment TUFFÉNE Energique The use of the new revolutionary CAPIXYL PRO contributes to the improvement of hair texture.CAPIXYL PRO is comprised of Liposomal Biomimetic Peptides that provide Triple Nano anti-hair loss action.
Recommended for: Males and Females
  • Stop Hair Loss
  • Stimulation of Hair Growth
  • DHT Modulation
  • Hair Follicle Renewal

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